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Living My Best Life Tour: By The Way, I'm A Pageant Queen!

You read it right. I, Calynn M. Lawrence, decided to give the pageant life a go. After being encouraged to try it for over a year by a dear friend, La'Sonya Alexander, I finally was convinced that it was something I was worthy of. All this time, I had thought of myself as the girl who stood on the sidelines and cheered everyone else on, while I had my own successes behind the scenes. Given, I do get a lot of press from being a media personality, but I never quite thought of myself as the Barbie Doll, Perfect Patty, cookie-cutter stereotype who wins a pageant. And, guess what? I'm still not. I may be a new pageant queen, but I'm still just as real, just as fun, just as ME as I ever was, and that will change for nothing.

I currently hold the regional title Ms. Northern US 2019 in the American Elegance pageant system. At the end of October, I'll be competing at Nationals for the national title, Ms. American Elegance 2020. This pageant system is very unique, so unique tha…

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